budiHOME Solid Prefabricated Houses

What are budiHOME houses like?
How was the budiHOME brand idea born?
What do I get buying a budiHOME house?
Will I get a prefabricated house on a turn-key basis?
Do budiHOME houses belong to timber frame houses?
What does "solid prefabricated houses" mean?
Comparison of budiHOME houses with modular houses.
Can I modify the finished design of the budiHOME house?
Is it possible to change room layout in the design of a budiHOME prefabricated house?
What does it mean that the house has been optimized?
Can I expand my house adding a garage in the future?

House designs

Who designed the budiHOME prefabricated houses?
Where can I see views of designed houses?
Where can I see designs of budiHOME models?
What are the metric areas of budiHOME houses?
How many rooms do the individual budiHOME models have?
How many bathrooms /toilets are there in the budiHOME houses?
How were the designs developed?
Are budiHOME houses designed individually for the customer or are they completed designs?

Construction of massive budiHOME prefabricated houses

What are the advantages of using prefabrication in budiHOME houses?
What types of prefabricated elements are used in budiHOME houses?
What are the benefits of prefabricated reinforced concrete and expanded clay products?
What kind of walls are used in the budiHOME structure?
What kind of roof structure is used in budiHOME houses?
What is the roof slope angle for each budiHOME model?
What kind of internal stairs are in the budiHOME prefabricated houses?
What is the standard of finishing of budiHOME houses?

Energy efficiency and technologies used in budiHOME prefabricated houses

What are the energy efficiency packages WT 2021 and F40?
Does Budizol take care of all systems in the house?
What kind of heating system and heat source have been used in budiHOME houses?
Is every budiHOME house equipped with an environment-friendly air-to-air heat pump?
How does an air-to-air heat pump work?
What are parameters of the heat pump?
Is every house equipped with the ventilation system with heat recovery functionality?
How does mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery functionality work?
Is every house equipped with a photovoltaic system?
How do the photovoltaic panels work?
What are parameters of the photovoltaic system?
How can you control photovoltaic system, heat recuperation system and heat pump?
Does every customer get access to equipment control applications?
What heating and cooling system is installed in the house?
What is the advantage of surface over spot heating/cooling?
Is the house equipped with air conditioning system?
Is there an hermetic socket for charging an electric vehicle in every house?
Where are the anti-smog filters installed in Budihome houses?
What anti-smog filters are installed in the Budihome houses?

Boiler room

What does it mean that the house is equipped with a modular boiler room?
What is inside such boiler room?
Do I have to pay extra for a boiler room?


What garage options are available?
Do I have to buy a house with a garage?
Do all budiHOME houses have a garage option next to the house?
Do all budiHOME models have an option to erect a detached garage?

Price list

What are the prices like?
What are the price drivers?
How to calculate the exact price?

Description of budiHOME house ordering process

What does ordering process look like?
I have configured my house and am interested in buying it. What is the next step?

Required documentation to build a house

What documentation do I have to prepare?
Does Budizol also deal with permits and all the paperwork related to house construction?

Transport and assembly

How long does it take from purchase to receiving the finished house?
What are the steps from house configuration to completion?
What is the scope of preparatory efforts on the part of the Customer?
Who lays the foundations?
What does it look like and how long does it take the assembling process of a solid pre-fabricated budiHOME house?

Customer Panel - Operation

What is the customer panel for?

Configurator - Operation

Where can I find the house configurator?
What elements are configurable?
May I change something in the finished design of a prefabricated budiHOME house?
May I move the walls?
May I give up some elements in the design?

Current subsidy programs for green construction projects

What programs are currently available?
Can I count on soft loans?
May I participate in financing programs buying any budiHOME house?
How can I participate in financing programs or take advantage of a preferential loan?

WT 2021 Requirements

What is WT 2021?
What requirements must be met by my house according to a WT 2021 standard?
Who has to follow the WT 2021 standard?
Do all budiHOME prefabricated houses comply with the WT 2021 standards?

NF40 Requirements

What is NF40 and what does it imply?
Is every Budihome house available in NF40 standard?
What are the differences between a budiHOME house with the NF40 energy efficiency package and the WT2021 energy efficiency package?
What is the annual electricity consumption for heating in the NF40 energy efficiency option of the budiHOME house?
What is the NF40 net zero energy package?


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