When selecting an environmentally-friendly heat pump for the budiHOME house, we were guided not only by our environmental care, but also by safety and comfort of yours and your loved ones. We have found a solution that will support you every step of the way thanks to a number of advantages - from the simplicity of use, which is guaranteed by the application to control all devices in the house, through the possibility to reduce energy expenditure, to ensure safety. The application not only gives you an option to change your hot water settings in terms of temperature or capacity, but also allows you to program your own preferred pump settings, including time-driven operation, which allows you to take advantage of a more cost-effective energy tariff or holiday mode when you are away from home. Consequently you can avoid redundant energy expenses. 

The heat pump is also easy to maintain, as there is no need to recharge the fuel or check the fuel tank condition. Simple operation is not the only feature that makes a heat pump different. It is first and foremost the safest way to heat the building. The use of an environment-friendly heat pump eliminates the risk of explosion or asphyxia, which can occur when using gas, oil or fuel systems. Additionally the Legionella bacteria combating system takes care of the health of the house occupants. 
The application of a heat pump guarantees the safety of house occupants and the environment as it eliminates the risk of explosion or carbon monoxide (CO) leakage. The system is also equipped with a function for combating Legionella bacteria.
A mobile application allows you to plan the heat pump operation according to your needs and to benefit from more favourable tariffs and avoid unnecessary energy losses.
The heat pump is environmentally friendly and guarantees energy savings. It also eliminates a need to charge fuel, build a fuel tank and check its condition.
The heat pump is controlled by an intuitive panel and mobile application. Maintenance of the system is straightforward and does not require the intervention of a specialist. 
In addition, the selection of this method for heating your house allows you to reduce the negative environmental impact and take care of the future of our planet. The heat pump in solid houses made of prefabricated Budihome elements is also a proven device of the highest quality - it has the EHPA Q-label quality certificate and the PreQurs (NO SMOG) quality certificate for low and general air pollution reduction.