HCR Application

The use of the latest generation of HCR accumulation ceilings in the construction of budiHOME houses brings a number of advantages for residents.

First of all, HCR hollow core slab floors show strong thermodynamic properties.- we obtain the effect of passive and surface temperature control in the room. Thus, HCR hollow core slab floors have a positive impact on the thermal comfort of the building, complementing the operation of the entire heating and cooling system.

The use of HCR hollow core slab floors, characterized by a very large span, allows to create open and comfortable space for the residents without pillars. Moreover, it guarantees unrivalled sound insulation between storeys.

Research on the use of optimal accumulation ceilings was carried out together with the Warsaw University of Technology in the building at Sprzeczna 4, Warsaw. 
The new HCR type hollow core slab floors can carry considerable operational loads. Using them in the construction of budiHOME allows to create a friendly and comfortable living space without redundant partitions and pillars.
The HCR hollow core slab floors show great thermal activity, thus creating natural thermal comfort.
The application of HCR hollow core slab floors guarantees the highest possible sound insulation between storeys.